Kameleon Group provides Specialist Behaviour Support services for ALL age groups, throughout Australia utilising evidence-based practices. We use the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis, and the practice of Positive Behaviour Support and Trauma-informed care to unlock each person’s potential.

Kameleon Group celebrates neurodiversity

We provide effective, trauma-free specialist behaviour support services that are as individual as the people we support. We use a variety of comprehensive assessment tools to assess the person’s individual learning needs and develop programs that are socially and functionally significant for the client and their families.

Our Kameleon Group therapists are qualified, supervised and passionate about providing services in creative, fun ways. We use an errorless learning approach and focus on building a positive learning history of success for every client. We work in partnership with families and key supports of our clients, knowing that any success, is a team effort

We use science to describe, understand, measure, and analyse everything we do. Our clinical recommendations are based on science and data, not on assumptions.

At Kameleon, we value transparency. Every Kameleon client has access to a secure, individual client portal where all their client information, notes, reports, data, programs, and even funding tracking is available, 24/7. All programs, strategies, and tools are shared with the client’s support team.

Every person has characteristics and strengths that make them who they are and need to be celebrated, not changed. Kameleon Group is a strong advocate for difference and individuality. We create strategies and programs that meet areas of social and functional significance for the client, whilst acknowledging the wonderful uniqueness of who they are.